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Lenny Hayden

lenny Hayden

Lenny is the guitar players guitar player. His touch and taste on electric is surpassed only by his acoustic playing. Lenny is also a singer, songwriter and producer. "Lenny is a killer guitarists, I like the fact that he is not intimidated by the nakedness of acoustic guitar." -Will Hoppey

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 You can't see what I'm going through
Can't you see what I'm telling you is true
Could it be that you know love at all

 All the times we've talked about breaking up
All our feelings shuffling and shaking up
Do you think that you know love at all

 Even though we've grown apart in every way
Trying hard to save what we had yesterday

 You can take all the love that I'm giving you
Look with your heart and you'll see the right thing to do
It would be easy if you knew love at all
If you knew love at all
If you knew love at all

Co-written with Will Hoppey

 © p. 1995 Bag-O-Cats Music BMI. All rights reserved.

Feel free to email Lenny at Lenny@bagocats.com